20 More Questions To Ask A Wedding Photographer


Summer time is the perfect time for snap happy people, and for anyone heading to an exotic destination for a well deserved break. Tourists all over the world capture priceless memories forever and their top-quality images are then stored away never to be seen by anyone.

There are thousands of agencies out there – be careful with your choice. If possible try and pick one of the bigger agencies. Your images will get a lot more exposure and make your Palau best hotels more profitable.

For others especially those Sell travel photography new to the industry the idea of having to actually deal with a buyer is almost terrifying but the professionals will all know it’s the best way to build a sustainable thriving business.

Talk Before Shooting – When photographing people, talk to them before photographing them. Most strangers are not keen on being photographed by someone they don’t know, let alone someone they have never spoken with. Even if you have to use another individual as an interpreter, talk to your potential subject. After a conversation, they will warm up to you and you can work in some photos. Also, many of these locals are privy to a hidden location not covered in any of the guidebooks, so they are a good source of local information.

“How do I become a travel photographer?” is the first question. Running a close second is “How do I shoot on my travels?” I’ll try answering the second question.

Also, be sure to know everything that is around where you are going. Maybe there is a great underground city that you never even would’ve known about without researching. Some places have great wildlife areas a little away from big cities that you can go to and take pictures of.

Most of the micro stock websites do not have exclusivity clauses. And besides, when it comes to copyrights, the photographer is the owner. The problem there is that in order to earn from stock photography, there has to be lots of submissions. So if you’re thinking of earning through stock photography, you might want to re-think about submitting to more than a few of the top sites.