Christmas Cookie Recipe:: Find Out How To Make Tasty Christmas Cookies In Only 30 Minutes


My granhdparents would have the whole house decorated, every room had a touch of Christmas in it. It was like walking into a new world. A world with no violence, no hate, just tons of love, friends and family.

While it may take a little work, sending a Thanksgiving thank you card will give your loved ones some much needed appreciation for helping to enrich your life.

Another great feature of the company truck cards program is that you receive a fuel statement at the end of each month. The statement will tell you how much you’ve spent, how much fuel was purchased, and how much money was saved. This is a great way to keep tabs on your expenses and monitor your drivers. You’ll know exactly how many miles your drivers are driving as well as how much fuel they are purchasing. They’ll know that you know and will be much more likely to be conservative when it comes to the routes they take.

Market fundamentals like why every major commodity has grown leaps and bounds this year but not crude oil. China has 1.4 billion people consuming more oil each day. The U.S. demand for gas is flat but diesel usage is growing. Now is the time to review not March when it could start to be too late to have a solid fuel management program in place.

Do you have a pretty Christmas quilt? A great tip for Christmas decorating is to display it over a couch or even as a tablecloth. Top with a centerpiece for a simple yet festive look.

Once you have established a relationship with someone, make sure that you continue to nurture it and to keep it active. You never know when the time will come when you need what this person can offer you, even if it’s years down the road. Build your networking database and for those contacts that you speak to or interact with infrequently, make sure you annotate when the last time you had contact with them. It’s not hard to find an excuse for a quick phone call or email to keep you fresh in their minds. If nothing else, birthday and buy truck cards are a good way to keep the relationship simmering. Remember, it’s easier to keep a contact than to make a new one.

Save them for next year. After all you won’t have the same children in your class, and if your unused cards are like mine (Disney Princess and Zoo Animals) they are timeless. Save some money by having them already purchased for next year. You may only need to add one box to them to have enough for next year’s class.

During the winter as we all cozy to stay warm, we are in a sense at Home. We have reached a point in our lives that we are comfortable and accepting of our worlds around us. Each one looking to the next year, each one seeking a way to just be Home.