Cooking Rice In A Rice Cooker


Rice cookers, like many of the small electrical kitchen appliances today, no longer just cook the rice. Today’s rice cooker can steam vegetables, cook soup or stews, and cook the rice as well. To begin with, you can cook an egg on top of the rice just before the rice is finished cooking. You have to watch the egg so that it can come out the way you like your egg cooked. Once you have timed it to the way you like it, the next time it is easier to make.

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These appliances are like a big innovation in the cooking field. They are indispensable in most houses especially where there is shortage of time. In many cultures, people eat this foodstuff everyday. It is the most important part of their meal. Next, you need to discover how to choose a perfect cooker. The following tips can be of help to you.

If you have never cooked quinoa, I will share a few secrets with you. The first thing that you will always want to remember is that quinoa must be rinsed. Many people try to skip this step to save time, but ultimately they end up disappointed. Quinoa that has not been rinsed tastes like soap and for many people, it also causes stomach upset. If you want to speed up the time that rinsing quinoa takes, you can always soak it for a couple of hours before rinsing. This is especially helpful if you have purchased your quinoa in bulk because it helps to loosen the waxy saponin’s on the seeds exterior. You want to rinse under warm water until your water runs clear.

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You may want to turn the chicken once during the cooking process. If you are using a Chicken Helper or Tuna Helper with rice, it will probably not need much attention. The pasta ones could do with a stir or two to help avoid sticking. But, sticking is not a big deal in a zojirushi rice cooker 3 cup because they clean easily. I let mine soak overnight.

To eat, put a small amount of soy sauce into a small platter or bowl, put wasabi and ginger root onto a roll and dip in the soy sauce and then place the entire roll in your mouth and enjoy!

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