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Surprisingly, skin tags are a common problem among many people from all walks of life. Removing these tags has also become relatively easier. But you can’t just jump into the skin tag removal method headfirst. You should first find out what you can and learn about the process. Many people liken such tags to something contagious, or something that can be contracted by mere contact. Once it develops in the skin, it might just spread to other regions in some people. But don’t worry, because that is not the case. It is not something that is transferable or communicable. Often, people think they have skin tags when what they actually have are warts.

All kinds of warts can be removed using lasers and prices usually begin at around $100. Treatment can take up to 30 minutes depending on the number and size of warts. Lasers kill off the HPV virus at the root of the wart, preventing it from growing further. The wart then dies and falls off. The procedure is relatively painless.

One of the newest Laser tag Singapore systems is the ‘Lawn Warfare: Light Strike’. These guns are available for purchase in three different types; the add-on accessories, and customizable features make this a highly desired gun. This gun is mostly used for personal use at home. The proper set up is necessary for both indoor and outdoor areas. Black lights, as well as smoke machines are not necessary for outdoor game play. Basic guns, and vests are required for any type of game play. There are places of business solely for the adventure of laser game play. Many paintball fields also have Laser tag for the younger players that are unable to paintball. For a small fee, players are allowed to play in an upbeat environment.

Fractionated laser – This treatment is used for minimizing older and deeper stretch marks. This process uses a blending effect, and is effective on many types of skin blemishes. The cost of fractioned laser treatment is approx $1000 USD per session. Rumor has it a 30% improvement can be had after 4 sessions, but of course there is no guarantee.

Retinoids – This can be effective in increasing collagen production, but once again should be combined with glycolic acid for optimum results. Retinoids should be avoided if you’re pregnant or nursing.

As for other methods of wart removal, planter warts respond to cantharidin. This is an interesting treatment that relies on a substance found in blister beetles. It’s merged with salicylic acid and then put on the plantar wart. You then simply cover it up with a bandage. Although the process of applying the mixture does not really hurt, it crates a blister that can be a nuisance. Your doctor can then cut away the dead tissue that results.

While laser hair removal is the most expensive method, it is also the most effective. Shaving or creaming away growth must be repeated daily or every couple of days. Waxing must be repeated every eight weeks. After a successful round of treatments with lasers, up to 80% of regrowth disappears permanently.