Diet Health – What’s Up With Hospital Food?


People have only recently been learning about pH balance and the use of green drinks in their diet. What exactly is a pH balanced diet, and what makes green drinks very important and good for your body? Using a diet that promotes the body’s alkaline level is a new concept. Diseases of numerous kinds call for an acidic environment to survive. To lower the the acid level in your body, you can consume foods that increase the alkalinity of your system. One quick and easy way to raise your alkaline food consumption is by adding a “green drink” to your usual diet. With green drinks, you can take in your daily servings of green veggies in powder form. For majority of people, downing a glass full of green drink is better than eating so many veggies.

The inspiration, he says, was the simple fact that he liked Kool-Aid as a child. “Why not fry it and see what happens,” he mused. That sentiment is the same one behind Chicken Charlie’s previous frying forays, which include Twinkies, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and White Castle burgers.

The type of fat we consume also matters for health and weight loss. Switch from bad fats to good fats. Bad fats are animal fat, hydrogenated fat and heated fat. Good fats are raw, unheated, non hydrogenated plant fat as found in raw nuts and seeds, avocados, coconut and extra virgin olive oil and other unheated plant oils (oils should be used in small amounts because of concentration). Good fat will reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, but cannot be overused or you will be ‘wearing’ good fat on your body.

When you think of salads, don’t just settle for lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes. Make a beautiful salad out of dark green leafy veggies such as watercress, rocket, chicory, spinach and kale. They are high in minerals and calcium plus they make a delicious Flat Belly Fix. Try kale, spinach, apple, celery and fennel. Add a dash of lemon juice of an extra bit of zing.

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A regular sized banana can give you around 100 calories. A small sized banana has 80 calories in it and a banana which weights around 1 pound can give you about 260 calories very easily. This is what is categorized has healthy food. Everyone should add banana to their dietary plan because it is such a beneficial fruit. People who go to gym and do heavy training or athletes who train for their games like cycling, racing etc. take a lot of bananas in their diet. That’s what keeps then strong, fit and healthy. Banana is really a wonderful god given gift to us and we should be very thankful for that.

If you do have a craving for fruit juice, then go for fresh fruit juice instead of those that contain artificial flavors and colors. Or even better, try making your own fruit juice, taking care not to sweeten it with too many calories.

It is not change that is the problem in itself. It is fear, self-doubt, apathy, or uncertainty of the unknown that keeps you in chaos. Since you are in charge of your life, both personal and professional, you can choose differently. If you apply the 5 strategies every day, you can stay on track to being successful and happy, without creating chaos!