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Many people have a particular image in mind when they think of the life of a large pet cat in the wild – the rich exotic jungles of southerly Asia. For those that want to do more than just visualize the scene, and also see it for themselves by embarking on Tiger tours, it will soon become apparent that this is only one of the numerous sort of habitats that the magnificent animal can be located in. Like many members of the pet cat household, they are very adaptable, as well as can be discovered in a substantial and diverse selection of Oriental environments as well as communities. The most iconic as well as powerful subspecies of all, the Bengal Tiger, can certainly be found in the heart of the jungle – in addition to in a series of other settings. Here are some of the places where discoveries are possible on the Indian Subcontinent.


While they are most often located in woodland locations, the types of forests they populate differ extensively. Those that go to more than one wildlife reserve while on Tiger excursions will observe differences in terrain, plant, as well as other animal varieties as they take a trip. Several of the most preferred parks are characterised by a certain sort of forest, such as Ranthambore National Forest, a location of exotic dry forests full of hundreds of varieties of blooming plants, with much of the foliage dying back in the winter season. Other parks contain a mix of forest habitats, such as Panna, where you can discover damp deciduous forests (maybe the closest to the enduringly preferred photos of the ‘steamy jungle’ atmosphere), subtropical dry woodlands, as well as teak wood forests. The famous big feline can also be located in the evergreen woodlands in the north, and also mangrove forests of the south. As long as there is sufficient cover for hunting and also a healthy and balanced populace of victim varieties, they can prosper in nearly any type of sort of woodland.

Grasslands and also Wetlands

Much of the reserves favoured by Tiger excursions include not only thick wooded areas however open meadows, grasslands, and wetlands as well. The pet may prefer areas with a lot of trees when it concerns locating sanctuary, yet a lot more open areas have their own advantages, specifically in terms of sighting and ambushing victim – so it is not uncommon for sightings to occur in position where the forest fulfills the plains. Well known for their love of water, the huge cats are specifically fond of grasslands bordering rivers, where they can quest, fish, as well as wash.

Coasts as well as Swamps

They may not be the first animal that individuals connect with the seashore, however their versatility suggests that specific populaces are quite in the house in salt water. One of the biggest Nationwide Parks for Tiger tours is the Sundarbans, a mangrove woodland straddling the boundary of Bangladesh and also West Bengal, and also residence to a huge populace that spend a lot of their time in the water.

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