Home Networking One On One Part 2


I.T. professionals understand things like network security, bandwidth, and the chain of support that results from a good help desk system. But what about your average employee? The average employee often lacks basic skills in good network citizenship. With the trend toward I.T. becoming a closer partner with all segments of your company, this citizenship is becoming more and more crucial to a healthy functioning business. How do you bridge this gap? We do it by sending out a “Good Network Citizenship” document to every employee. In this article, I will go over what exactly is involved with the creation of that document.

But what those of us at home didn’t get his training in how to use these products. We didn’t learn, for example, how to secure our networks and other devices from hackers. That never came as part of your broadband package did it?

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The Wi-fi Protected Access, or WPA is an encryption set up on your wireless network. Depending on the router you buy it may or may not be equipped with this type of encryption. Many old devices comes with WEP which is still good but limits the security to your network.

They also offer temperature regulating equipments, which will ensure that all your computers and other telecommunication equipment do not over heat when you work with them for so long. It also provides you with booter and network reliability.

Another way that we can cause great harm to the company is when we bring our newest and shiniest electronic gadget with us to work. As the Iranians found out with their centrifuge machines, a computer from home can contain all sorts of nasty viruses and bad things.

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