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So maybe your relationship isn’t everything you thought or hoped it would be. Maybe it’s a complete disaster. Maybe it’s doing just fine, but needs a little spark. Or maybe your relationship is an extremely happy one and you want it to stay that way. Whatever the status of your relationship, I’m sure the following article will certainly make you stop and think.

Leadership, it’s the number one thing that girls look for when on a romantic date that guys are sorely lacking. Add this to your dating bag of tricks, and you will see a big improvement in your success.

I realize that most, (heterosexual) men are not to thrilled about dancing. But the fact is women love to dance. I was at a party once and we were all dancing. My date knew I wanted him to dance but he was reluctant. After some persuading, he got up and just stood by me instead of dancing. When a slow song came on we danced and I lead. For the fast songs he swayed and tapped his foot. It was very cute and I was impressed by his effort. Doing something you would not normally do is romantic.

Do you like giving surprises? Sites like eromance have loads of information on romantic getaways near your city. Pack your bags and surprise tel aviv escorts your date.

Simplify. If you have too many tasks in your schedule, if you are pursuing too many goals then your life becomes too cluttered. Eliminate any activities that are not essential to you (watching TV or spending hours on Facebook) and look realistically at your goals. Set new goals only after the current ones are already achieved.

Keep the fire burning. Maybe he’s not quite the hunk he could be, but he needs affection just as much as you. Tell him you love him every day. Try an occasional compliment. Make tonight’s dinner a romantic encounter. Get a bottle of wine, candles, put on his favorite dress, of course cook his favorite dish, and make what is otherwise just another meal something special.

Whether it was a daring strapless piece or an asymmetrically pleasing off the shoulder or one-shoulder dress, the runways were full of shoulders! This looks always catches attention because it is so ware to actually see someone with only one sleeve or no sleeves. Don’t be surprised if people find you daring when you are rocking it!

What did you think of Monday’s episode? Who are you rooting for to make it to the finals? Bachelor Pad 2 airs Monday nights on ABC, Channel 15 in the Scottsdale area.