The Ten Commandments Of Search Engine Optimization


Some of the best ways to optimize Windows is to just flat out turn off some the useless or unneeded services that run by default on every Windows base install. One such service is the Indexing service included in every install of Windows. it is probably one of the most useless services found running in the background of Windows and that is saying quite a lot if you ask me.

Site Feeds – site feeds are very important and have a Google Indexing service that you can ping with your feeds, if it see’s you are updating your content through feeds it will crawl your site more.

Viability – This is basically making sure your site does not have duplicate content of spider traps where the crawling spider is trapped in a loop make sure you have a clean structure for the spiders to crawl.

Do not forget to use good permalinks: In WordPress, Admin => Settings => permalinks => custom structure – put /tegory%/%postname%/ in the blank field. Use unrestricted.htaccess file to do it. Be sure your web browser supports this. Then make your Blog is visible to all: Admin => settings => privacy => Blog visibility => “I would like my Blog to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Bing, Technocrati) and archivers”.

Google likes blogs and many blogs are indexed very quickly. Use Google’s service Google Indexing service create a blog that is related to your business. Write a few posts and add a link to your website in your blog posts. Google will quickly index your Blogger blog and find the link to your site.

When you check out the site, look for keyword-rich content. If you don’t find it, then that could be the problem right there. That means you will need to include content development in your proposal.

Follow the instructions for submitting your site. It should take you about two minutes to add your sitemap. Once you’ve added your sitemap, Google will take over. Now, not only will you be able to get your site more fully spidered by Google, you’ll also get plenty of helpful statistics on your site. You can use what you learn from your stastics to improve your search engine coverage and raise your rankings.