You Can Write A Novel!


What you think is the impressive part of any novel? Yes, the beginning of any novel! Those first lines are very important. They should be effectual and influence the reader so that reader continues to read. This could be the first step towards writing a successful novel and getting it published. Beginning of the story is very crucial for new writers and the writers who are trying to establish themselves.

Some characters, scenes, dialogues may need to be done away with or reshuffled, and new ones added. Greenhorns curious to become skilled at learning how to turn a novel into a screenplay must take inspiration by their elder, seasoned writers and read compositions by them. This will give them enough know-how and the courage to make their first attempt. The next point that must be attended to is voice.

I know, sounds silly. But if you try Googling your name, you may quickly find that it is very serious. Most people have at least three names, first, middle, and last. You want to find the combination of those names and/or initials least represented in a web search. This will allow people to find articles and websites about you with much less competition from others. For example, I searched for Hugh Thomas and found a well known historical writer by that name listed for pages on end. Then I searched for “J Hugh Thomas” and found no writing competition. Therefore, as a writer I am always J Hugh Thomas.

I know of one program that actually determines the approximate word-count of your novel. You will find this to be an invaluable feature. Character development, and naming your characters is also a vital and time consuming task that the best read remarried empress novel online free writing software performs with ease.

With the economic downturn in full swing, selling your novel just got harder, but it can still be done. Following are some tips for bullet-proofing your book in these especially competitive times.

When coming to the end of your story, make sure that all the loose ends are tied up and that you have left yourself and the reader with a satisfying ending.

Writing a novel might take blood, sweat and tears, but the sense of satisfaction will overcome all these conflicts. It is that total unknown person that comes up to you and recognizes your name and says your book made a difference in their lives. And there is just nothing that compares to this feeling. Even today’s most popular novelists were rejected multiple times before signing their first deal. Keep trying!