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Have you recently been hearing a lot about Forex Trading and wondering what the buzz is about? In order to understand why Forex is so immensely popular, it’s important to understand what Forex means. This article is intended to offer you the basics of Currency Trading to see whether it’s something you should be considering to boost your retirement portfolio, or your children’s education. Whatever your motivation, it’s important to see whether this is for you.

Poor content. If every email daily Forex signals is a sales pitch or promotion you will not get results from email marketing. You must deliver some real value to your subscribers. Send them free gifts, industry information and updates. When you are writing the content of your email, remember that your readers do not care so much about you. What they want to know is what’s in it for them. Your email should have more “you” than “I”.

If you are the greedy trader right now and you are guilty of making this mistake; If this means you have to drop your trading size down a few notches then you had better call your broker today and fix it-because if you don’t you are an accident waiting to happen. It only takes making this mistake THREE TIMES IN A ROW to drop your account balance 15% or more in a heartbeat; especially if you are day trading!

I also received access to the author’s web site and could see his daily Forex signals trades. Every evening I could review his trades and listen to his commentary, and see how many pips he had made or lost. Most days he made about 20 – 30 forex pips – mostly in the GBP/Dollar market.

Your risk in each trade you take is 2%. In the account size box put the dollar amount of your total equity in the account which in this case is 5,000. In the risk per trade box put the 2 in the %age of my total account size. Entry let’s say is 1.1500 and stop is 1.1600 and the stop is 100 pips. This gives you a maximum loss of 100 dollars in the trade. This gives you a calculation of one mini lot size of your position for this trade. To use the second example, we will now use the stop of 50 pips. Entry will be same 1.1500 and stop will be 1.1550. If you are taking a position of 100K lot, by using the money management calculator, you can see you are risking 10% of your account size in this trade. This is very high.

What is Forex Trading? Forex stands for Foreign Exchange. It involves exchanging one currency for another. Most American investors of the stock market, whether investing through your company’s 401 (k), mutual funds or day trading have long thought in terms of the US Dollar, also known as the USD. Not only are there other currencies out there, but many are actually stronger than the USD. For example, the Euro, which is the currency that the countries who joined the European Economic Union, has a stronger currency than that of the USD.

You can never catch every pip but it is likely you will catch the most of a movement when the market is moving most. Timing your trades around when the market is cooking is a key ingredient to my recipe for profits in the forex market.

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