Four Tips For Speeding Up Your Computer


The Windows XP operating system is a very popular operating system that has a lot of people using it. If you want the operating system to function more effectively, then you must have an eye on the speed of the operatingsystem. You can get the reputed computer services to make this possible for you or can also follow some instructions to do the job yourself.

One of the better ways to speed up Windows Vista is to turn off fanciful graphical features if you are not too much into aesthetics. One example is the Aero feature. Open your start menu, go to run, and type in ‘systempropertiesperformance’. At the Visual Effects tab, uncheck ‘Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing’. This will do the job. There are many graphical features that you can take out from here. This can give you more immediate results as compared to other ways to speed up Windows Vista.

The Add New URL is a handy way to speed up searches, but if you rarely go hunting for files this can be turned off. Open Computer, right-click on the hard drive and clear the Index This Drive box.

Correctly change power settings. Power settings is an exclusive services for Vista and Windows 7. In control panel, switching on high performance that is not activated by default can greatly speed up Windows 7 in performance.

19.) Check the system’s RAM to ensure it is operating properly. I recommend using a free program called MemTest86. The download will make a bootable CD or diskette (your choice), which will run 10 extensive tests on the PC’s memory automatically after you boot to the disk you created. Allow all tests to run until at least three passes of the 10 tests are completed. If the program encounters any errors, turn off and unplug the computer, remove a stick of memory (assuming you have more than one), and run the test again. Remember, bad memory cannot be repaired, but only replaced.

Do you use a lot of IM Messengers? If you do, consider downloading Trillian. AIM, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger all use up a LOT of memory. With Trillian, you can connect to all of them with just one messenger. And honestly, Trillian uses less memory then either AIM, MSN, or Yahoo. Imagine how much memory it takes to run all three at once. If you are doing that, just download Trillian.This will instantly increase your PC speed.

If you are confused to optimize PC, just have a look at this short article where you may know how to optimize PC and become familiar with your operating-system.