Green Packaging: Plastic Resealable Bags


If you’re an avid photographer, you probably have at least two camera bags tailored to the specific needs of the day or event you’re shooting. While almost no bag can hold everything, there are a few items that are found in most camera bags these days. If you want to protect your gear, get some great shots and have the right tools to cope with unexpected changes, take heed and consider tucking these items in your own bags.

Dry fruits are one of the most exciting things which you can consider as add on to your flavor. They are best in taste when added on any delicious food items whether it is an ice cream, gulab-jamun, or any halwa. Indian women add all these items in order to ensure a particular fragrance along with the taste. They are also considered to be a status symbol. All type of packaging material are available in the market the only choice you have to make is choosing the best one which suits your material. Coloring packaging material is also in fashion now.

This is the time to practice your creativity. If, for instance, your child wants a Barbie-themed party for her birthday, you can save a little money by opting to make your own designs. Instead of getting a set of Barbie anti static plastic bags, you can simply decorate colorful bags with Barbie stickers. You can also opt to design the party favor box with several items that you made yourself. Being resourceful and creative can surely save you a lot of money instead of getting ready-made items from shops. As such preparations can be a little tiring, you can get help from friends or even your kids so they can also enjoy building their own party favors.

If you tend to have a long walk as part of your routine or the route is such that there is no short-cut to it, then remember to let the dog rest and you may even want to carry a bottle of water and a small bowl for a water break.

Use the correct storage boxes. Books can be surprisingly heavy, so put them in small boxes. Much of the rest of your stuff can go into medium-sized boxes. The items you want to protect with special packaging include: framed artwork (art box), mattresses (protective plastic bags), rugs (paper pads), furniture (paper pads), and rolled-up posters (cardboard tube). If you have a lot of clothing on hangers, use a wardrobe box with a metal bar. When packing electronics, such as computer monitors or flat-screen televisions, wrap them in bubble wrap or pad them with a quilt.

2d. If you’re like me, you want the healthiest food you can get for your new little ball of fur. Many name-brand cat foods are actually full of product fillers, such as ground corn. These types of things aren’t good for your cat! When you’re buying your kitten new food, try to search for a product that has some type of meat for the first ingredient. If you can’t, the next step is to look for a product with meat as one of the first five ingredients. These should be lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, etc – if ANY of them are listed as a “meat by-product,” you might want to look elsewhere! Meat by-products are generally the rejects of the meat that companies didn’t want to use for ‘people-food.’ Of course, this is all personal preference – just do whatever works best for you and your kitten.

Hotel stays tend to trigger the spender attitude in people. Treat your hotel a bit like your home. Turn off air conditioning when leaving, do you need all those lights on a sunny day? Just because we pay for all-inclusive rooms, does not mean all-abusive attitude. How about all those free brochures? Return them to their original place, don’t discard them.

These tips should help you get started with reusing your plastic bags. Reusing your bags will make you feel like you’re doing more to help the environment, and making more use out of what you have. All kinds of bags have a place in your home as a transformed entity. If you have any other ideas, feel free to try them!