How Dental Hygiene Affects Your Health


A dentist is a person who has undergone training in the field of dentistry. He is the one who is well-acquainted with dental problems and treatment methods. Dental health is a significant part of human health and one must be cautious about it. Teeth diseases are common and can be treated completely if brought under notice without delaying.

Assuming your teeth are in good condition, and there are no signs of tartar or decay, visit your Dentist Culver City every six months. He or she will perform a checkup during which x-rays will be taken, and your teeth will be cleaned and polished. If you experience tooth pain or sensitivity, or notice signs of gum disease, make an appointment as soon as possible.

The biggest reason why dental implants are a great option is because they replace the root of a missing tooth as well as the crown. Once you receive implant surgery you can go about your work as if you didn’t lose a tooth at all. All you need to do is maintain a high level of oral hygiene and the implants could last you for life.

When I was fifty, I saw an ophthalmologist for another condition, and she asked about the strabismus. She said Dental Center I should have the surgery to correct it. Honestly, this was the first time surgery was ever suggested as an option for me. She referred me to a strabismus specialist at Callahan Eye Foundation in Birmingham, Alabama. His name is Dr. Martin Cogen. He completed my surgery on November 10, 2006. I have gone from a sixty-degree turn out to a four degree, which so far I am easily able to control. Because at the time I am writing this, it has been only three weeks since the surgery, he feels the final results are not yet known, and I may end up with eyes perfectly aligned once the healing is over. Even at this stage, I am well pleased.

My son still has a few more visits to go before the treatment is complete. If he was better at putting the rubber bands in when he was supposed to, we might have been done sooner. I always had a suspicion, though, that they wouldn’t take the braces out unless we had finished paying. I wouldn’t blame them.

Mild fever, mild diarrhea, tendency to chew things, sensitiveness to foods, loss of appetite, swollen gums, pain etc may be the symptoms of teething. These symptoms disappear when the tooth are fully erupted. If the irritation on the gum is more, rub your baby’s gum with your clean hands and also allow your baby to chew the wet cloth as this may reduce the irritation on gums. Teething period is a very dangerous period to babies as this time they may have the tendency to chewing each every objects they hold and chalking may happen at any time. You can give some specialized toys at the time of teething and these toys are designed to give massaging effect to the gums of babies. You can also give medicines for reducing the pain and fever.

A center that offers emergency dental care shouldn’t make a patient wait for too long. As soon as a person is brought in with a dental problem, he/she should be directed towards the dentist’s chamber. If a friend or relative has had a tooth knocked out then gently clean the open gum with a cloth and take him/her to a good center in or around the area. Toothaches are a common complaint that pop up without any warning. Gargling with lukewarm water should bring some relief. If it doesn’t then you need to visit a dentist immediately. There are a number of other situations that require emergency care.