How To Apply Templates To Your Slides In Microsoft Powerpoint


April Fool’s Day, the 1st day in the middle Spring, is really a great time for joke and play. Have you already had funny pranks in mind? Do you want to make a special PowerPoint presentation for April Fool’s Day so that you can show it on YouTube, email to fun your friends and post on your WordPress or Blogger? Sounds amazing. You can make it with this helpful tool: Moyea PPT to Video Converter.

Presentation power comes from the emotional connection you make with your audience. Visuals are a major stimulus to an emotional response and it is a mistake to underestimate their value. Whether you want to excite your audience or move them, delight them or disturb them, great slides enhance an emotional connection. Bad slides interfere with it. Your choice.

Perhaps you’ve heard me say it before, but it is a truth worth repeating. Your PowerPoint is not the presentation; you are. Put another way, PowerPoint is the icing; you are the cake.

First, you need to make a Thanksgiving Photo Slideshow with PowerPoint. Choose some Free PPT templates you like and then insert the photos into the slides. If you want, videos and audios can also be added to make the slideshow more effective. PowerPoint also supplies us with various animations in the slide. Therefore, your Thanksgiving photo album can be much more vivid. Your creative ideas of the slideshow’s design are critical to the attractiveness.

For inserting a song to your slideshow, you just need to click the Insert ; Sound, then you can insert a selected song to the slideshow from your computer.

Limit your time at the water cooler. Never mind if you’ll miss some episodes of the office romance or the latest gossip. You’ve got to focus. Those time-wasting encounters will eat into your productivity. Perhaps that’s a reason why the boss is implacable.

DVD player is widely available and easy to use, even old mommy and small kid can play the DVD. Thus they can enjoy the precious photos easily if you make photo albums which can be viewed on TV with a DVD player. Also DVD can comparatively store more information. It is also a good way to back up bulk of the photos.

It’s time to put it all together as you now have everything you need. Your plan or outline helps you figure out exactly what you will present, your template gives you the organization you need to flow through the presentation beautifully, and your tone gives you the guidance for design you need including everything from typography to color scheme to images.