Sketch Out A Budget For Couple Getaways


Even though it’s nearly December, it’s never too early to think about summer time fun. Volente Beach Water Park is just a hop, skip and splash away from Austin, in Cedar Park. It’s located on FM 2769 right on the beach of beautiful Lake Travis.

If you love being on the water you must visit Hiawassee on Lake Chatuge. Hiawassee has everything you need, but don’t expect in the rural mountains. However, it’s still small enough to enjoy the relaxed pace of the mountains. On the lake you can rent a boat for the day and enjoy the water or rent a cabin and enjoy the peace and quiet.

The most important step to traveling is setting your budget. This budget dictates what you can and cannot do. There is little point in looking at a world cruise if you are working with a $400 budget for 2 people. The least expensive choices for a tight budget are day trips. Find somewhere interesting that is about 1 to 3 hours away from home and go there for the day. See the local sights, eat one meal out, and take some memorable pictures. If your budget is a little higher, consider a weekend trip. Now it may be worth driving 6 to 8 hours each way and camping or staying at a hotel. Going anywhere further away may require plane tickets and car rentals. So keep that in mind when planning a trip on a budget.

Just as we said above, the importance of fitness is something that we cannot push aside. In today’s busy mechanized world where everything comes canned and tinned we are unable to get a bit of fresh, natural, organic food stuffs. When you don’t get good healthy, nutritional food and just eat junks your health goes for a toss. Starting from the children of our homes to the elders are suffering with same kind of problem, we can call this even as small nutrition or deficiency problem as we just eat carbohydrates, fat or tinned or processed protein eatables. There is nothing healthy in what we eat and this is the main reason why we get ailments like blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar level imbalance and other problems that develop because of these basic problems like obesity and early aging.

The food connoisseur in you will also love this place. The restaurants here serve all varieties of seafood fresh from the Atlantic Ocean. Plus, there are various dinner shows held that include the Carolina Opry, Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Dinner & Show and the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, etc. You can hardly run out of new delicacies getaways in Bristol to try every day. If you love to shop, there’s a lot you can spend around the malls, art galleries and specialty shops in the area.

A2: You mean I have to pick just one? The Exumas islands in the Bahamas. They are the most unique islands around, and the water is more beautiful than Tahiti or Bora Bora.

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