Tim Tebow’s Birthday Fundraiser Helps 150 Children Receive Life-Changing Surgeries


Tim Tebow’s birthday wish this year was to receive donations that would fund 150 life-changing surgeries for children.
“I would love to celebrate 32 years of life by helping kids in their darkest hour of need. That is a true celebration! Without us, these kids in the Philippines wouldn’t be helped, wouldn’t be loved, and wouldn’t receive the life-changing care they need,” the Christian athlete wrote on his Facebook page. 

For years, Tebow has been grounded in giving and serving the needs of others. He grew up the son of missionaries and came to the Philippines as a teenager to spread God’s word, and to serve the needy.
The former NFL quarterback turned minor league baseball player sponsors multiple ministries that are all intended to bring faith, hope and love to those who need it most. 
He founded the Tim Tebow Foundation and the Tebow CURE Hospital where children receive surgeries that will change their lives. 
He also launched the Night to Shine where churches offer to host a prom night experience for children with special needs and disabilities.
He also started the Tim Tebow Foundation Adoption Aid program providing financial assistance to families adopting a child with special needs.
Timmy’s Playrooms were built in children’s hospitals around the world, offering a fun and playful atmosphere while kids seek medical treatment.

So it’s no surprise that his birthday wish this year was to continue changing so many lives.
“I’m so grateful for your generosity and well wishes, but just like last year, what I would like more than anything is to celebrate my birthday with you by changing lives at the Tebow CURE Hospital!”

“Together we reached our goal and some. Over $150,000 and it’s still coming in and we’re just so grateful. That means more than 150 kids are going to have life changing surgery at the Tebow Cure Hospital. I am so humble, God Bless every single one of you,” he said.

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